Monday, March 31, 2008


This is what kind of yellow Spring flowers I want in my yard!

**daffodils picture from flickr

But these are the only yellow spring flowers I will be getting!

Notice my daffodils in the back ground! Sad Things!

But they still make a sweet bouquet of flowers from my kids!

Friday, March 28, 2008

my new toy

While we were in Tx visiting my in-laws, I got a new toy.
My father-in-law was not using his Digital Cannon Rebel and so he

gave it to me...... can you believe it........

I have been taking fun pictures.

We stopped in Ardmore on the way home and I loved all the old buildings
downtown. I have found some fun blogs that give instructions on how to take good pictures and
edit them too. Gotta love bloggin
I still have so much to learn but wow my brain is on creative overload!


It is official..... Baseball has started! We had our first game last night! This season Chase's old team didn't have a spot for him so Blayne put him on Taylors team. Yeah for me! This means, only 1 game I have to sit through with two little kids who don't mind. Chase's old team was a homeschool team and we don't homeschool. They had more HS kids that wanted to play so that meant we had to find a different team. We made so many friends and I am sure we will still see them at the ballpark, I will just miss talking with all the moms. Aubrey and Kalab were the only little kids in the stands for Taylors games and Chase's game, total opposite, there were so many little siblings for them to play with.
One team called and asked if Chase would play on their team (they called during church)
They said they practiced on Sundays and asked if we could come that day!
Blayne told them we don't play on Sundays and the coach was pushy and kept asking "well can't you just play after church"? Blayne told them NO and the coach said "well I'll have to get back with you". they never called back! good thing too!

Well the day started off with such good weather around 80 degrees and when we left for the game it was chilly. I had to grab jackets for everyone. Then half way through the game we ended up in the car it was soooooooooo cold. Chase got to play and was even got up to bat!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

spring break 2

We are back from Texas and had a great time! Saturday we went to the park and played and ate Hawaiian food! I have not had Hawaiian food for such a long time, so that was a treat. This little hole in the wall is just down from the apartments. I do miss eating at The Little Grass Shack!

On Sunday we went to church with GiGI and PaPa and Kalab was the only one that went to his class......

Tuesday we went to Austin to see aunt Lita and uncle Bob. (and to pick Amber up from the airport). I went with GiGi at 11:30pm to pick Amber and Erin up. I think the time alone in the car with GiGi was one of the most enjoyable times I have had with her. We had such a great time.

We watched movies and ate so much.....I loved it! It is so nice to have a break and just have fun!

I got my hair done and went shopping all day on Thursday.

We came home on Friday to a stinky house.....I forgot to take the trash out!

I Love spring break! Now back to our regular schedules!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

spring break 1

Well we are in Killeen Tx and it is warm! The traffic through Ft Worth was horrible, but we made it! Chase was the only one that got car sick and that is a given. We are heading to find all the Wal-marts now. It looks like they have a lot of great places to eat! Be back later with fun pictures!

Monday, March 10, 2008

new Blog

So I started a new blog........
It is called Love Lettering!
I am going to put all my vinyl creations on the new blog and try to sell them!
I have had so much fun coming up with ideas.
Blayne has joked that I will soon
put vinyl on the milk jug!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

fun finds

WOW..... how fun would this be to make cards and tags out of! chalk board cloth..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This is my first project with my vinyl cutter!!!!

It was so hard to get the program installed and running. But we did it! and now I am off and running! I am still learning but if anyone wants me to experiment with anything for you, let me know! we will try it!

still need a name!

Monday, March 3, 2008

easter ideas

I can't believe Easter is so soon.... Wow-- need to get my stuff out! But I found this cute idea and wanted to share! You can find the instructions here.

In other news...... I bought a vinyl cutter and it is here! I am having some problems installing the program because there is something missing. Hopefully they can overnight the part missing and I can be up and playing with it!
I am still looking for a cute business name so if anyone has any ideas, please let me now!