Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I need you all to help me...........
When I say (type) a word, I need you all to say (type)
the first thing that comes to your mind...

Please everyone write something!
This is research

word is

please, please write something!


so last night I was cutting Chase's toenails.... {gross i know}
and saw something on the side of his toe.
I said "what is that? Oh I think it is a wart." {even grosser}
Chase pulled his foot away and said......
"But a frog never peed on me."

We all had a good laugh!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have been loving my Saturdays...

this week I called Alisa and told her I was taking her with me to a bunch of craft stores I have been wanting to go to ....... Ok so I asked her not TOLD her.... I sound so mean.

Anyway I picked her up and went to an amazing little shop just down the road. It is definitely a store I will be going back to.

then off to a craft mall. I had so much fun wandering around.

It always makes my head hurt afterwords but well worth it.

for lunch we ate GIRL SCOUT COOKIES how fun is that!

I need to plan this Saturday morning me time more often.

I went home and finished my talk and I think that it when well today. Blayne did a great job. And I am glad that the youth speaker (who was probably in her 20's) took more time than 3 minutes! I'm just glad it's done. We sat up front and that went pretty well. Kalab did not have to be taken out. He only threw 1 of his animal crackers. He had all two rows behind us laughing at him. One thing about sitting in the first two or three rows is that everybody sees what happens. At least in the back only a few people see how my kids are!

I have had a lot on my mind and I hope that my ideas will work....... not revealing anything yet. I just hope it works!

OH it is suppose to be nice tomorrow....anyone up for the zoo?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

THis is the challenge for this week.....

what do you turn to when you need a quick "pick me up?"

with our house being the size of a shoe box for six people to be in....
when I feel like I need a pick me up I leave.... I go and get in my car and go.
sometimes I just go to the store
but it is just a little time alone and I need that

this is what usually happens.........

but once i make it past all the "can I go-s"
I am free....... for a quick "pick -me-up "

Monday, February 18, 2008


Our 3 hours of church has become such a struggle for me. The kids just aren't sitting still and it is hard for me to go. This Sunday started like this...

10:45 walk into chapel
10:50 have the kids get their drinks and bathroom before it starts
10:52 remembering that I left a Valentine treat for someone in the car...
10:53 remembering that I left the activity day reminders at home
10:55 leaving for home to get the reminders
11:05 coming back with reminders and Valentines treat
11:08 Kalab seeing the Valentine treat started screaming for it
11:09 taking Kalab out to foyer with Valentines treats and putting Valentines up high on a shelf
11:20 going back in to chapel
11:30 Kalab playing and reading books
11:37 Aubrey asks to go get tissue for her nose
11:40 Kalab starts throwing a fit and screaming
11:42 get Kalab to stop
11:45 Aubrey wants to go hang up sweater.. I say no
11:46 she starts crying ...Big sobs...
11:48 I pick her up and start to take her out... kicks of one shoe goes under back bench, get
one she throws second shoe, brother Buckley brings it out to us.
11:50 Blayne shows up with Kalab
11:51 make them sit on the gym floor in the corner
11:55 Chase shows up make him go back and sit down
12:00 go back in for last 5 min...
12:05 its over and nursery time for Kalab (that's all he wanted)
12:30 get asked to sub in primary ... two classes ...11 kids
1:15 ish go to class... I don't have any crayons paper or chalk
1:16 make Brother Novotny sit it the class only person in the hall???
1:40 5 of the 11 have to go to the bathroom
1:50 come back to { class with all 11}
2:00 find all parents except one grandpa who was suppose to pick up grandson
2:15 call kids grandpa at home to see if he left him.... yup! (I am not the only one)
2:17 go to get Valentine that I left on shelf...... It's gone someone took it!
2:18 leave with one extra kid (we took him home)

so with all that

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Karen

This morning we got together to celebrate Karen's birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday {{{{tomorrow}}}}}

I love getting together with these girls.

Allyson you need to start a blog!

V-day Part 2

After Chase's party was over we came home and they wanted their Valentine's from Grandma..... which they saw in the back batheroom. So I went outside and kicked the door and ran. Nothing like what grandma would of done! My mom would go out the back door and around front, kick the door and some how make it back into the house before would would get back inside with our Valentines.... fast runner!

This is what she sent me!!! {{notice no SNOW}}
Later when Blayne came home we had dinner.

I made the pizza dough in my cool new bead machine....
L>O>V>E it!
Then for dessert we had a heart cake.

I HEART my family..... we had such a fun night!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines For The Class

Aubrey had her party this morning.
This was her Valentine.......
Play dough cut in a shape
of a heart. I found the
idea on Family Fun and
used Meghan's recipe.. Alisa was making the same for
Luke so she made up a cute poem.....

Do not eat
it's not a treat
instead just play
because it's clay!

We stapled it to the top and the kids loved it!

She had a stash of candy that she did share with Kalab. I found some good treats for me too.
I am making a heart shaped Pizza for dinner tonight and a red drink. I am off to party #2!
More to come latter!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I just saw these and had to share!!
How fabulous these little treats are!

Here is the link for instructions

my weekend

Blayne and I watched this movie.
I liked it, it had a lot of action and no sappy stuff.

Then on Saturday Julie and I went to An Affair of the Heart. Seven buildings full of crafters.
Oh how my head was turning!
I forgot my camera, and wanted so bad to take a picture of my THREE dollar diet dr. pepper!
so this is what I bought. It is a iron hook for wreaths. Love it. (picture is from the internet)
I am so excited to find stuff to put on it for every holiday!
I left at 8:45 and did not get home until after 4:00. I have not done that in a loooong time!
I loved it. just getting away for me!

Then that night we watched two movies....

Facing the Giants--- is a little cheesy (oh the sap was running out of this one) but Taylor really liked it! Good message in it!
The game plan was a fun one to watch!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

give away

Remember how I love give aways, well go to Pioneer woman and get entered to win a wii.......
all you have to do is enter a most embarrassing moment and you could win..... do it before 9pm
fun hu! I just want the guitar hero... that looks fun!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


*****Happy BIrthday MOM****
I love you and am so grateful that you are my MOM!
#and Happy Birthday Meghan!#

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I have seen this on a few blogs and thought it looked fun, so I thought I would give it a whack.
It stands for She Photographs on Tuesdays. What you do is go to this blog on Fridays and get your assignment, then post on Tuesdays (or whenever). You have to include a portrait of yourself.
This was the assignment for this week.

the other day, i was in my _____________, and i noticed this _______________. my only thought was, "why do i still have this hanging around my house?!?"

So this is mine...... I was in my room getting ready and noticed my bathrobe, I thought why do I still have this hanging around!!!
A lot of my cloths in my closet are from the 90's. seriously!
Why do I still have this hanging around my house?
The answer is....to make my closet look full!

on a different note.... I voted..... and also went to city hall to pay my bill. While I was there the kids got to go in and see the fire trucks. they gave them a goody bag full on stuff..... they wanted to know where their dog was. Kalab calls his hat "fire house dog".

Friday, February 1, 2008

If this was my world, and I could wear whatever I wanted, this is what I would wear.

Run to Wal-Mart in....

Go to playgroup at the park in........

Go to activity days in........

Go to Enrichment Night in.......

I love the shoes right there!

If only this was my world.....

We have Spiderman, Batgirl, Superman, all in our house.
Kalab has been pretending to be spiderman, but with a cape
I love how they are playing together right now.
Aubrey being the mom and Kalab following right behind her.
The only problem is, that Aubrey calls me KIM. Should I care?

The Dora cave............

Trying to climb the wall..... Good luck with that one!

Aubrey's interpretation of climbing the wall

Oh and this is my 100th post. wow....

I would like to thank all my loyal viewers and the new ones {??} for sticking
out my bad grammar posts...... Its been a real treat for me to sit at the computer
everyday and blog about nothing. Thank you....
Oh and thank you Alisa for getting me started!
Here's to the next 100!