Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trunk or Treat

So yesterday I was in Wal-mart and saw a mullet. Yes a mullet and laughed so hard thinking of Blayne wearing it (because he is bald) and thought he could be Billy Ray Cyrus. Aubrey was Hannah Montana and how fun for Hannah to have her dad be her dad...I crack myself up:0)

He can do the achy breaky heart too.

Kalab was a cowboy..

I was SPEEDY MOM. I don't know how they took this picture. I was moving at the speed of light chasing my baby. It looks like I did get something to eat too.

Taylor was a boy who had a accident on his Heelys (he just got them 5 days ago)
Chase was a vampire (my Edward)
and our good witch Alisa...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Boys

It has been a week of birthday fun at our house. Taylor's was on the 25th and Chase's is today.
We have eaten cake and more cake and then we will eat all the Halloween candy and eat some more when grandma gets here...
I love my boys so much and can't believe that they are so big and are only getting bigger!!They make us laugh.. Chase at church Sunday was playing with my wedding ring and took it off. He put it back on me and said "Will you be my mom" so silly...and Taylor still touches our checks like he did when he was a baby.
I am so grateful to be a mom and even more grateful that I have such fun, cute, sweet, special boys in my live.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

idea moment

Tonight is our wards Trunk-or-Treat party and everyone has costumes except for Blayne. He usually just goes as himself and looks great, but I saw something that gave me a idea. When I saw it I just had to laugh. I started laughing so hard the more I thought of it. Kalab was the only one with me and I didn't have my phone to call Blayne so I was laughing to myself. I can't even call Alisa to tell her so I just had to sit here and type about it. I can't wait.. I hope it all works out.. Come back tomorrow and you can see the pictures.

Monday, October 29, 2007


So I finished "These is my Words" this weekend and I have decided that I don't want to read any more books that make me cry...It is the jornoul of Sarah Prine from 1881-1901. She lives in the Arizona Territories and her family tries to move to Texas. Half way through the book I figured out that it is fiction...DUH Kim....It is based on Nancy Turner's family history and historical events...It was a good book but I do feel so sad after reading it.. What a hard life it was back then and what great comforts we have today. It made me want to hug my kids and Blayne more. It is for our book group at church so now I can move to something fun that I won't cry reading.

My parents and sister are coming this week for Chase's baptism. I have a lot of cleaning to do, organizing my linen closet, cleaning my carpets, scrubbing the food off the dinning room chairs(and walls) wash my couches, wash my curtains etc. Why am I just sitting here? I need some more Diet Dr. Pepper.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I have ran across some new products, first one is this....
Pumpkin spice milk....they also have chocolate cherry and chocolate mint...yummy
I think I will thy this in out french toast.
Then I found these Chocolate animal crackers. These are really good.. and I love to dip them in the apple dip found here

I also bought some Carmel apple candy corn...not so good.. don't waste your money (in my opinion ) tasted kind-a-like card board.

If you have tasted any of these tell me what you think....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

funny moment

I read this in a book--

Return home teachers' phone call-----

no, the 31st isn't a good night

Ken has to go home teaching.

....just had to laught at that....

new moment for me

I did not go on a mission and have always lived in Utah so I really never tried to share the gospel with anyone. Then when I moved to OK I felt excited to be able to be a member missionary and bring someone to church. We have brought some of the boys friends to church with us but no one seems interested. Chase and Taylor have been on a Christian home school baseball team and it has been great. We have had some of them ask what church we go to but that's all they ask. So last night Chase had his last game and I don't think we will be on the team next year (because we don't home school) so I went outside my comfort zone. I started inviting everyone to Chase's baptism next Saturday. I made invitations and handed them out. I always looked at the ladies on the team and thought that they would make great members and would love them in Relief Society. I prayed before I left that I would have the courage to be able to hand them out and not chick'n'out.. I did it...I came home and had the best feeling. So we will see next Saturday if anyone comes and even if they don't I know that I did something and maybe down the road they will run into missionaries and think of us and want to know more.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Saturday the Missionaries came to our house at 8:00pm... LATE... they just wanted to share a thought with us...While we were talking Elder Starnes' name came up and Aubrey said "that's my boyfriend". We told them that E.Starnes had to put up his bubble because she was always trying to hug him... then Aubrey says " I'm going to pop his bubble". We got a good laugh out of that!!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Saturday morning I was telling Blayne how much of a challenge Chase has been for me lately. I have read a few blogs about their kids and saying they were doing such sweet things. I just couldn't think of anything Chase has done sweet to anyone lately...ugh...We got up and started doing the house. Everyone was helping clean and I was in A and K room when I looked up and there was a red heart on the bed. I looked and Chase had been putting the hearts on every ones bed that said I LOve you.....How sweet... He can be nice to his family.... I knew it....

First Talk

Aubrey had to give a talk yesterday at church. She was very excited to get up and be able to talk in the microphone. We wrote her talk and practiced it. I asked her who she wanted to help her and she said Dad. We were both surprised because she has been so attached to me lately. We got to Primary and she sat up front. She waved a few times at us while they sang. When it was her turn she stood up and Blayne went up to help her. He whispered the words to her and she was saying them, then all the sudden she said something about her mom. ???? I had written her talk so I knew that I didn't say anything about me in it.....Then she looked at Blayne with the biggest CRUSTY she has ever thrown at anyone. I knew he was adding stuff to her talk and she wasn't going to say it because it wasn't in her funny...she refused to say anymore, so she just said amen.... and sat down...Blayne walked back to me and we left the room. He told me he was trying to get her to say her mom was beautiful and that she was skinny...HA HA HA ... Good girl for not doing what your dad told you to do..

Friday, October 19, 2007

this week

Well I feel like I am the most boring person ever. I truly think of things to blog (journal) about. I just need to remember that its not about the reader its about me. I think no one wants to read about the things I've done, but I need to remember this is for ME (and my posterity)

This is what I did this week.....

Monday night Blayne planned FHE. He wanted to teach the kids how to save money and to set aside money for tithing and then some for fun. He bought small canning jars and put labels on them and cut a hole in the top. He brought home his change from work and divided it up between them so they could figure out how much to set aside for each one. Chase had the most money. He had $6.oo and a lot of change. He loves to change the cloths from the washing machine to the dryer because he finds money.. hopefully it was a lesson that they will keep up!

On Tuesday my neighbor came over to give me a Mary Kay facial. OH my....she was her for 2 hours....she is in her 70's and looks great but 2hours. She told me when she was in her teens she liked a boy in Arkansas that was a bishops son, so she started going to our church. I asked if she was ever baptised and she said she only needed to be baptised once. She is quiet a lady. any way that night we had Home Family and Personal Enrichment. Can I just say it is so nice being a spectator and not the one running the show.. It was nice to relax and listen to the Bishop talk about studying the scriptures and how much he loves them. Then we made (I just watched everyone do it and brought mine home) cards that are numbered and each day you have to do one. Then we all had to bring a fall dessert. WOW we had a plethora of choices. so good!!
The boys both had baseball games that night so I had to take the two little ones. What a great night to get to know some new sisters that I haven't talked to and to get my cup filled more.

On Wednesday we had a bad storm roll in. We were in a tornado warning. I am a nut when the weather starts to get funky. I love to watch the news to see whats happening.... The kids were home from school and Blayne came home early. As the clouds started to get dark it began to rain and the wind started to blow hard. Then pea size hail started and of course we all stood by our living room windows, which is a big NO NO.... then this is what came next

Hail the size of Quarters (these had melted) wow the hail was jumping all over. and sounded crazy. After the storm passed I was so disappointed, a let down. I don't ever what to see a tornado but I think the weather men talked up the storm so much that all I could say was "that was it"? It was over in a matter of 30 min. This year we have had more rain then ever recorded..

Then it was scouts ugh...when will I start loving it? We talked about Halloween safety and painted pumpkins.... no real scouting in that but oh well.

The kids are out for Fall break and played with friends all day. Aubrey got to go to Lukes house and play....Ryan was here for the day... and Brennan came over. It kept everyone busy and it was nice....I started a book called Princess Academy by Shannon Hale..

Today the boys are going to a birthday party and I think I will go rent Transformers to watch tonight for our pizza and movie night.....

What a week..I do need to post more often. It would save time...

Have a great weekend..

Monday, October 15, 2007

I finally won somthing

I try to enter as many drawings as possible. I figure that I would win sometime, and I did. This site is fun and has cute things Bloggy giveaways. I am hoping that Meghan or my little sis Amanda has a girl....because I'm not

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Halloween costumes

I need your help. I want Aubrey to be Hannah MOntana for Halloween but I am not sure what to dress her in??? any suggestions???

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Why Taylor loves you..........because you take me to the coops\
Why Chase loves you.........because you give me money for socks and underware!
Why Aubrey loves you...... (she wouldn't come to me to answer this question, she just said no)
Why Kalab loves you........ Neck???? (thats just what he said)
Why we love you......because you love us!! Happy birthday DAD!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

craft moments

I saw these cute pumpkins after my return to the life of blogging and thought i would try it out here is my version of it........

just glitter and spray adhesive.....Chase sprayed and Aubrey sprinkled the glitter. I spray painted some tree branches black easy and fun.....then

a few days ago I made this......inspired by this

It is a dollar Tree frame with the mat included. I had black paper and chip board letters that Amber sent me:]

I think I am back.........


I am done... why why why??? I just don't know how to feel about this. I will get over it and maybe with some therapy and talking with friends who read this book ( Alisa and Meghan ) it will be OK.
I am off to clean my house.

Monday, October 8, 2007

What have i let myself become??

I have not showered. I have not cooked. I have not cleaned.
But I have been reading....I can't stop myself....I am waiting for
Barnes and Noble to open to buy the 3rd book.... Remember the Mervyn's comercial?
The lady at the door..chanting OPEN>OPEN>OPEN?
Yeah that's
what I have become.....

Monday, October 1, 2007


my sis in law AMBER sweet rock'n hair girl.... has started a new blog about hair go check it out...and she can answer any questions you might have

womens conference

This was my favorite quote Saturday night....I gets me all tingly to watch General Conference

Do not pray for tasks equal to your abilities,but pray for your abilities to be equal to your tasks…then the performance of your tasks will be no miracle,
but you will be the miracle.

- Pres. Thomas S. Monson