Sunday, May 4, 2008

I dislike toll roads

I don't know if you remember how I hate toll roads, but I do!
Saturday I left, by myself, to run to a few stores I've wanted to see.
Blayne's brother had given him a GPS so I thought I would try it to find this store.
Well, I followed exactly what it said to do. Turn left on MacArthur, turn right on 63, turn into 7-11 for a drink... just kidding..... Well it had me get on the toll road! I had some change with me so I thought I would be OK. I reached to toll booth and put my money in.... It gave me the red light! THE RED LIGHT! I knew I put the right amount in.... it stayed red and guess what I did....I ran the red! I swear to all my 5 readers ... right arm in the air.... "I will stay off any toll roads that the GPS or husband tell me to get on" amen....

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