Thursday, October 30, 2008

my week in pictures

Wednesdays are free at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. So we headed out there to let the kids run around the kids area. They could dress up and play in a log home, ride on saddles, read cowboy books...

Thursday night was Chase's fall program. The songs that they sung were so fun. They sang a song about "I'm a fall guy.... an Autumn man.... I giggled through the whole song.

Taylor's Birthday was Saturday big ONE ONE. NO pictures of the day...... but he had a friend over Friday night and then the kid stayed ALL day Saturday.. He got a football and some Tag body spray and deodorant. OHH that stuff has been sprayed everywhere. At least their room smelled good for a few days.

Monday GIGI and PAPA and Tracey came to spend sometime with us before they left for Utah.... We are so grateful for their example of serving a Mission! We love them and are happy they get to go home and have fun with all the grandkids!
The boys had their last game of the season on Tuesday night. It was to cold and late for me to go and take the little ones. GiGi and aunt Tracey were able to go and support the boys!

They left on Wednesday morning and then that night was scouts. Taylor earned his Webelos badge and crossed over the "bridge" into Boy Scouts! Blayne was on the other end to welcome them.... It was fun that he got to do it with his friend Ryan!

The end.......... Until tonight! We are going to our annual TRUNK OR TREAT


Keely Kellett said...

Looks like you guys have been busy! Hope everything is going good!

Lori said...

I haven't been on the computer for days...looks like you have had a lot going on! I can't believe your mother and father in law are finished with their mission!