Monday, June 23, 2008

Ward Party

I think this is one of my favorite ward parties ever!

Patsy asked Taylor and Chase's class to fill water balloons!
She brought them over and there was 450 in a package and she brought 2 PACKAGES.

900 for me to tie!

Luckily Julie came and saved us. She and Ryan took one package.

While we were filling them Chase filled the bucket with water. I told him to dump the water out or it would be to heavy to carry. Well he did what I ask and dumped the water and half the balloon out on the grass and we lost almost all the filled, already tied balloons! UHRG!

It was a fun day!

Here are some pics of the party!


Amber said...

That looks so fun!!

Meghan said...

If that doesn't make a person homesick, I don't know what does. I loved the picture of Bishop on the slip and slide.