Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"the bell has rung"

This is the first year I didn't drive the boys to school!
They wanted to ride the bus ((((???))))
Taylor is in 5th grade, Chase is in 3rd.

Aubrey is starting Kindergarten... wow! she was 6 weeks old when we moved here and now she is starting school. It sure is a check on how time flies.
She wanted her hair in a side pony tail! (((UGH)))

Kalab could not be left out!
He wants to go to HIS school. I'm not sure where his school is.


Yolanda said...

Side pony-tails are SO IN this year!!

They grow up TOO fast!!!

Meghan said...

I bet it is quiet around your house today. I should have called today, but I couldn't wait to 'chat' about you know what!

JJ&K said...

cute kids! I always loved my hair in a side pony too!! that's what my dad was best at when he had to do my hair!!

Alisa said...

How is everyone liking school?
I am so glad my kids don't ride the bus!
Love the side pony-tail!