Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flushed away

Our toilet has been slow to flush for a few days now. I was so grateful for Kalabs success in potty training but I think he is fascinated with things flushing.
But "OH-no-he-just-didnt " put Barbie cloths down the toilet!
I caught him today flushing, then jumping back in the tub!
I am sure that is not the only thing that has gone down causing the last few days of torture
He must think that Flushed Away is real and all those mice and rats need cloths and toys to play with!


Alisa said...

I have been thinking about all the things my kids have done (i just started to blog about it!) and your story jogged my memory of when we were trying to sell our townhome in Payson, and we had 7 extra people staying with us. The downstairs toilet was being kind of sluggish, then stopped working completely.
I remember that there several things inside of it. But the only one I can remember was golf balls.
I am cracking up thinking of Kaleb jumping into the tub away from the toilet!

aurora said...

Too funny! I am sure that you are right-- he thinks that Flushed Away is real. ☺
I hope that you have Roto-Rooter on speed-dial!