Sunday, September 28, 2008

****************Please excuse the pillow that looks like it exploded

We had a fun visitor this last week! We have always loved having the missionaries come and eat with us (((some more than others))) But when they come back to see us it's always a great time!

The first time we met Elder Harrington was at the Thanksgiving Dinner. I was asked to pick up a family, there was a lot of drama involved in trying to find someone to do it. So I dropped my family off and headed to find the house. I got lost and frustrated because I could not find them. I went back to the church and was so upset that I didn't want to stay. Blayne and I were in the hall way, me crying, him upset because I was crying, and there is Elder Harrington watching us. So we ended up leaving and eating at Taco Bell.
He had a lot of time to get to know us after that he served in our ward for 6 months.

My kids loved having him come with Elder Starnes and eat and teach us a lesson. They were great examples of missionaries to my boys!

***Lori, this is one of the missionaries that would come and eat when Tom was here!

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Lori said...

It is so great that you take care of the missionaries! You will be blessed! fun that they come to visit you after their mission. You had a big impact on them. Way to serve!