Sunday, September 7, 2008

We went to the Governors Mansion yesterday for September fest. we went through hay mazes, saw lots of animal, made shakers with 4-h kids , free hotdogs, cinamom rolls, and all the drinks you wanted.
This little girl was standing on a table handing chickens to all the kids.
I handed one to Kalab and said.... these are like turkeys,
The little girl on table said..... These are chickens! a reprimanding voice.
The girl shore knows her poultry!
This is the Governors Private pool. The panhandle is the hot tub!
Kalab playing leap frogThe boys got to play Laser tag.We had Chase's friend come with us for the day and everyone thought he was ours.... He dose look like one of us!

I wanted to go to the museum across the street because of course it was free too. But we were all melting down and could not make it this year!


Yolanda said...

What a fun day!!

Meghan said...

Ha Ha the pool is a riot!

Lori said...

Such a great family day!