Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I was in a bunco group for over 5yrs I miss it. I had to host bunco at my house once a year and I looooved doing it. It meant that I cleaned my house like a mad woman. ((ask Blayne about it sometime)) I also cooked the meal and made a dessert. I would love to host around a holiday so I could have a theme. I would pull out my decorations and tried to make it festive. One year I bought a bunch of different table clothes and tried to pull a Martha Stewart! I draped all the table cloths and stacked all the food on different levels... so funny now thinking about it.

When we moved I stopped having that monthly outing with my friends. ((sigh))
I love to read blogs that host bunco and book clubs. I felt a twinge of sadness and long to do it.

think now, with the blogging world, ohh the fun things I could make for us to eat..... and the fun decorations!

((this is a bunco sheet with a great salad recipe on it))
If I ever feel really ambitious this site would be fun to get ideas for Birthday party
So when Valentines came around this year I wanted to do something fun. I made a heart pizza... heart shaped cake and red drink out of heart cups...

I have been reading NieNie's blog for awhile and have always enjoyed seeing her entertain friends and her family dinners.

I pray for her family and think of them often. She is truly and inspirations.


lelly said...

how have i missed out on the bunco craze all these years?? i love that you have a recipe saved on a bunco sheet!

The monkey bunch said...

I keep being invited to Bunco, but have never gone, yet. It is always on a bad night. I keep wanting to go, though. Love your cheery blog.

Jeanette said...

I so want to have a Bunco group. It looks like so much fun! I guess I'm just going to have to be a doer and invite others along.

Sarah said...

I have never played Bunco, but have heard from many people that it is fun. I love your heart shaped pizza!