Monday, November 24, 2008

Blayne has been gone all weekend long on a hunting trip. So while he was away I got caught up on my BBC movies. Rochelle introduced me to YOUTUBE movies. I had no idea that I could watch my movies right on my computer!

I watched.....

Wives and Daughters
Our Mutual Friend
Pride and Prejudice
Under the Greenwood Tree
and Daniel Doranda
I was excited to find Daniel Doranda after my experiance with the Metro Library system only having the first part of the show!!!

My next movie to watch is THE MOTH??? anyone seen it??


Rebecca said...

Hey Kim, It's cousin Rebecca. I got your blog off Cyndi's. I love your lettering stuff! I am so jealous. It is very, very cute. Nice job! Happy Thanksgiving!

Veronica said...

Have you tried I like it because I know that copyright laws have been obeyed. Some of it is old but some good stuff is still on there.

Anonymous said...

did I ever tell you about the moth a woman goes out at night thinks she is a moth and then attacks people sucking out their blood nlce movie one should take one's kids to it love papa

Amber said...

Yeah, My Dad

Tara Allsup Priddis said...

I was going to say don't ask our Dad but apparently anonymous heard you asking!I'm glad I saw the movie and found out it wasn't as crazy.