Sunday, December 30, 2007

Family time

Last night we had a family night out...

first we went to dinner and I try to teach my kids good manners especially while eating where
others can watch us. But the picture is of Chase putting ice cream on his nose...We do have family rules at the table
1-- no burping at the table
2== no farting at the table
someone is always being sent the their room for breaking 1 or 2 or both
we will be adding not putting food on our faces!!

I get so excited to eat out, it is one of my favorite things to do and when the food stinks it is so disappointing.. but the company was good!!

after dinner we headed downtown to ride the river taxi's on the canal. Downtown has an area called Bricktown. Its is a bunch of building made out of brick's (obviously) that were built right after the land run around 1907. They made a river threw the buildings and have boats that take you threw it.. trees were all decorated with lights and business had lights and fun things to see. The best part of this was it was free!!!!
One fun thing was they gave you glasses to look at the lights and it change it to this!

On the canal we passed Sonic.. the first Sonic was built in Shawnee Ok and has grown to one of the largest fast food spots. (i just made that up, maybe it is true?)
We passed their headquarters and I swear you could smell their onion rings!

Next we passed Toby Keith's I heart this bar and grill...Yeah that's what is says!!

He lives about 30 min. from downtown and grew up somewhere here in the state. The kids all wished we would have eat'n here instead.

We saw some familiar faces...

They really do have pretty blue eyes!

We ended our night here just to look at the big fish..Blayne loved it!

I HEART family time.


Meghan said...

I love going out to dinner as a family. My dream is to have enough money to go out every week (if we want). Your family looks great!

Amber said...

How fun!! Maybe when we come out in April we'll be able to go to Toby's Bar & Grill!! Um, unless its really a bar and then I think they have laws against children going in them, I'm not sure, I'll ask my Lawyer. And if we can't make it to Toby's then here we come Sonic!! Bring on the Diet Cherry Coke with Lime!! You all look really cute!

Keely Kellett said...

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