Monday, December 10, 2007

ice day..

So the weather man on koco channel 4 said "We are having a historical storm". and more ice. Because of all the ice church was cancelled yesterday and there is no school today....It is expected to continue all day today and tomorrow. Just wanted to share some pictures of today...Our neighbor had these limbs fall on this door step

A few days ago men came and cut down tree limbs in our neighbors yard around all the power lines..I was kind of annoyed that they piled all the limbs in our yard...Well today I am happy I could of helped ...I still have power and hopefully it will stay on!!!

I am going to drink more hot chocolate!!!


Amber said...

WOW!! And I complain about our snow! I think I'd rather have the snow than all that ice! Atleast I can drive in snow, I'd be afraid to drive on the ice. Good Luck! Hope the kids don't drive you too batty while they're home from school!

Meghan said...

Sitting in the warmth, it is easy to say that it looks so beautiful!! Stay warm!!