Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today Aubrey had a Christmas party at school. Being in the not so Christmas spirit I did not make her cookies that looked like reindeer (Rudolf-- I was corrected by a little boy). Tons of candy came home with her including a goody bag with markers, notebooks, noise makers, pencils YEAH. Well being the great mom I am I sent her to class with 2 bags of
microwave popcorn
Yes did not have any yummy almond bark on it or sugary coating
NO nothing
Then I was chatting with Aubrey's cute little friend Reese's grandma. Reese's mother is expecting and is due in January so I was asking about her. I said " So will you be able to watch the baby?".......Grandma says..."well she is kind of private but the baby's father will be there and we will of course be at the hospital."
What .....I wasn't asking about watching your daughter give birth.......ugh......
I then quickly said...."OH will you be able to babysit the baby when she goes back to work!"
she said yes and then I had to jump the aid of Kalab who was rearranging the work stations...
What a day!!
will it be better tomorrow?


Meghan said...

I love moments like these. I have to love them, they happen to me often. Good luck getting ready for Christmas.

Amber said...

Gross!! Why would she think you wanted to watch?!?! SICK!! Seriously! What is wrong with some people's grandmothers??

Yolanda said...

The grandma story cracked me up!!

Maybe she was thinking of doing a "live" nativity?!

Kim said...