Monday, January 28, 2008

fun mail and more Valentines

So last week my bread machine broke. My sister-in-law Lisa gave it to me because she never used it. I make all my dough in that machine.
I was crying to my mom about all the things going on in my life and started sobbing
"and to top it off my bread machine is broken." She knows how much I use this thing.
Well she called back latter and told me just bought one online and it was being shipped to
my house. I knew she couldn't fix all my problems but she lighted the load!

See what I made first!

Thanks MOM

Then today I got a card game that I won. fun family home evening tonight!
and lastly how about making this dessert on Valentines day!

Twinkies and raspberry Jam or any red sauce for that matter


Amber said...

Yeah, your Mom does Rock!! Your rolls look so good! I've never done anything but make bread in my machine. Do you mind sharing the recipe?

Meghan said...

You have got to stop posting pictures of yummy food!! It is not good for me.