Friday, January 11, 2008

the WOW is out of my life

Today will be the first day in 2 years that Blayne and Chase will not have World of Warcraft to come home too. Monday Blayne came home and told me that he canceled his wow account.
Wow..... that was all I could say!!!
It is a massively multi player online role-playing game. It is very popular and Toyota Tundra truck even has a commercial about it......

When Blayne broke the news to Chase he cried! He took it pretty hard.
Blayne did have a lot of fun playing with his brothers and being the group leader. He would order them around and tell them where to go and who to kill.. (sounds like Taylor) They all would skype each other and be able to talk that way....Many of nights I listened to Dahl's voice as I drifted into a deep sleep. I meet new people threw this game....Doug....Shadds brother-in-law and others that I don't know what there real names are.
I even had a player named after me MIK how sweet is he.... I felt honored

Here are a few words that I heard over and over ...........
Alterac Valley
Burning crusade
action house
warson gulch
roll for that
and a few other choice words that I will not share!...

I could go on and bore you so I won't.........
I am saying good bye to the wow in my life!!! YEAH


CresceNet said...
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Alisa said...

kim the post, and the above comment made me laugh!

Amber said...

Wow is all I can say!! Why did he drop Wow? Isn't there a 12 step program he needs to go through first?