Monday, January 21, 2008


Well its not the TV show lost, it is a list of things that I have lost...

:::Taylor's new Christmas bike, stolen
:::Pictures on the computer (one day here the next...GONE)
:::Cd with pictures on it
:::purse (did find this)
:::cars pajama tops
:::Target gift card.. last seen in my room
:::Taylor's hockey puck to get free Krispy Kreme donuts
:::A Tree (someone cut it down yesterday)
:::::::::::::and lastly my MIND

If anyone has seen these please return to the ditsy blonde who can't keep track of things!


Alisa said...

I have a running list of things that I have lost also.
Some items are from years ago...
I keep hoping that they will turn up.
I should just forget about some of them, like the phone we can't find from when we lived at my mom's, the keys I lost in the backyard in Provo.

Something I can't find now?
Jay's keys...they have been missing since the pioneer trek.

Mommy Doodles said...

wow... lists of lost things, that's impressive. alot of times i don't know things are lost until i find them by accident. "Oh yeah, i forgot i was looking for that!"

my son now mimic's my answers to my husbands' "where is..." with "It's gotta be somewhere, dad!"

anyways, thanks for visiting my blog, hope you come again soon!


Amber said...

Why would someone steal your tree?

Keely Kellett said...

I have major issues with losing things. It's my families joke, that I leave a piece of myself where ever I go. That really stinks about the bike, but I would cry about pictures. I hope you can somehow get them off your hard drive or something.