Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here are a few pictures I took of Aubrey in her Easter Dress.

I told her to close her mouth and look natural......
This is what I got...
These shoes Grandma sent last year for Easter.
The dog has chewed them up and they look terrible
but she LOVES them and wears them with everything.
They are the noisiest shoes too. One day they were driving
me nuts. She kept walking in the kitchen and dinning room
and pretending to dance. I had to remind myself to be grateful for
the sound and that she won't be little for long.
It was hard!


Meghan said...

She is such a doll.

Amber said...

Miss Aubrey is one of the cutest little creatures the world has ever seen!! (Did that sound like my Dad? I have been spending more time with him.) She looks adorable! Tell her Ellie and Max say Hi!