Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hillary Weeks

After much digging and prodding and torturing it out of people.... I got it!
Hillary Weeks' BLOG! Yes you hear me right BLOG....
At TOFW she did a cute little song to chopsticks and in the song she talked about all the things she had to do during the day.. Well I picked up on the word blog in her song and while we were talking with her I had to ask if she blogged. Yes sir re blog she does!
so here it is.......Hillary Weeks
side note**** no animals were harmed in getting this information!
another note*****I just googled her name


Alisa said...

me too- that was the first thing I did on the computer!

jeanine said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog! I caught the word 'blog' in her song too. Funny. So where are you in OK? We live in Piedmont... about 5 minutes from the temple.