Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Field trip

Yesterday I went with Chase and his Class to the Harn Homestead. It is a family farm from the land run that has been turned into a museum. They let the kids go into the school room and see how, in 1897, kids had school. Some of the rules for teachers were.....

no riding in a buggy with someone other than her brother or father.

no dying her hair

no wearing bright colors

she had to be at her home from 8pm to 6am unless it was a school function

no keeping of a male (oh how times have changed)

They next went to the barn where they were able to take the kernels off the cob of corn, separate the corn kernels and grind the corn.

they also cleaned out a horses stall, sawed wood, and planted lettuce

after that they went into the farm house. The kids played in the kitchen and got to play a piano

I rode the bus and almost wet my pants because of all the bumps in the road. TMI (to much information)


Gigi said...

You really do have a good eye for pictures. These are great! It looked like a fun field trip.

Amber said...

I love your pictures! They look like they're right out of Pottery Barn! No wonder female teachers were labeled as spinsters! They were conditioned to be! And honestly!! No dyeing your hair? That's just anti-christian!!