Sunday, April 20, 2008


I had such an amazing time on Saturday. I loved the speakers and Hillary Weeks....Loved her! Her songs were so touching and what made me like her even more was how she interacting with the crowd. I also enjoyed Camille Fronk...... I loved watching her on the BYU channel's, Book of Mormon round table! I was impressed by Dean Hughes. I though he might be a "dry councilman" but he wasn't dry at all!

But.. the best part of Saturday was seeing......... Rochelle! She has a blog that I love reading. So during a break I went and introduced myself....."I'm such a dork but I read your blog..... what, why did I say I was a dork..... I got so star-struck by seeing HER I didn't know what to say.....

So for the rest of the day I felt like I was stalking her. I wanted to take a picture without her seeing me. I noticed her coming down the isle and got my camera ready....and... she saw me! I felt like a even bigger dork after that........... She was very nice and stopped for a picture!

She is so flipp'n cute... and nice...THat was the highlight of the whole day!

After it was over the cuties & I went with wanted to go have Hillary sign their cd's well I took their picture and was feeling a little left out so I had Allyson snap this one.... being once again a DORK.


Rochelleht said...

Ok, you are seriously the cutest! This whole thing cracks me up!!! Too funny. It was such a blast to meet you. We'll have to do lunch next time, or something.

Yes, I loved Hillary Weeks. I honestly really didn't know her before, but I bought her Collection cd and I haven't stopped listening to it.

It was a GREAT weekend.

Meghan said...

Hey, I know Camille Fronk. I am glad that you enjoyed her and the whole weekend.

katri said...

Hi! It was nice to meet you. Rochelle is the bomb, huh??? :)

Thanks for the Hilary Weeks blog link. I had heard her before, and was so touched by her new song. I can't wait for the cd to come out this fall.

I look forward to checking out your blog. Blogging rocks!

aurora said...

Just had to stop by after reading Rochelle's post. That is hilarious! She is a rock star wherever she goes. Everyone loves Rochelle and wants to be her friend.♥

jeanine said...

Kim, I'm in OKC 5th ward... what a small world!

Amber said...

Hey Kim! Am I the girl that's missing? The cute one in the back with the pigtails?? LOL!! You're stalking bloggers now? I love it!! I'm glad you had an amazing time!