Wednesday, January 28, 2009

you have to watch this!

This little guy is from MORONI..... how flipp'n cute!
GReat JOb D-BOB!


shara said...

GOOOOO D-BOB!!! That is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason why I love my job and why I love Sarah Palin! What a wonderful young man!
Love, Regina

shara said...

where are you?

Autum said...

It's not private anymore. Rob wanted to change it back for a little bit so if people wanted to read it they could. (To be honest he was really excited to post that we are moving so he wanted everyone to know!) I think I will change it back in a few weeks. I saved your email so I will be sure to add you again!

I would love to see you guys! When do you go on your girls trip? AnnJeanette is probably the most excited out of everyone. She says she is going to go to stay with me once a month!