Thursday, January 8, 2009

new hair do!

she told me that her "OLD MOM" let her do it???

She just walked in and I said "Hi Aubrey"
her reply "My name is not Aubrey it's Sharron....I work at a hotel"

See what I have to live with??


shara said...

She is gorgeous!! Her eyes really sparkle! Is it the new do, or is it just her natural ummm spunk, shining through?

Alisa said...

Does she have her teacher and kids at school calling her Sharon?
Fun hair!

Meghan said...

Ha ha ha ha!! There is nothing like a little girl. Remember to keep showing Fuller's picture to her. His blue eyes and her blue hair....we will have beautiful grandchildren. Whacky, but beautiful.

jarrleckie said...

Hilarious! Keeps your life exciting, huh!

Reg said...

I am glad you got a picture! I am also glad my Mom did not have the opportunity to blog about me! I would be in so much trouble!