Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our church building is going to be remodeled so Sunday was our last day there.
I wanted to get a picture of the kids outside so we would always remember the first
building we went to here in Oklahoma.

It didn't work! Blayne was against me taking any pictures and Kalab wouldn't cooperate.
Here's how it went down.

{{Kalab wanted to wear a tie and this is the only one we had...}}

Kalab walking away

Blayne going to get him

Kalab pouting

((click on the picture to see Kalabs face))

I need a lesson on how to take PHOTOS! but when your trying to hurry this is what happens.

*I will always remember the SMELL of this building and the first time I walked it and met so many friends!
*Both the boys were baptized here.
*a couple of arguments I got into here
*Great lessons I learned

We now will be meeting from 2-5. and have to drive about 20 min. to church.
I loved the prayer that was said in Relief Society..... that we will not loose anyone during this change.....

me too.


Meghan said...

I remember meeting you there on our first Sunday. Little Aubrey was so tiny. I hope they don't take out the little rostrum with the benches in the primary room. I hope they don't make the library or the nursery smaller. I hope they give you a roomy warm mother's room. I learned to drive a stick in that parking lot.

shara said...

I love you guys. I met The Girl's dad at a single adult dance in this building. It is the building we attended as a family adn then a family minus one since we have lived here.

Wear have your little boys gone? Wow!!!

Reg said...

I wish we were going to Surrey Hills with you. We are meeting in the school and all our stuff will be stored in a POD storage unit. The singles ward will set everything up and we get to tear it all down every week making sure there is no sign of us ever being there. I wonder what will happen when they find a cheerio? Our bishop's office will be in a office building a few miles away. Michael and I have been in this building for 15 years, every since we were married.We also went to dances here as youth. Micah was blessed here! The improvents will be great! Updated restrooms and font, mothers lounges, new electical and heating and cooling system. I have seen the floor plans. I am just so grateful that I even have a place to meet and live in a free country to do so!

Alisa said...

I have to go up and take photos!
Will do that sometime ...
I have photos of me in my moms arms in my blessing dress, and with my family when I was baptized.