Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Boys

It has been a week of birthday fun at our house. Taylor's was on the 25th and Chase's is today.
We have eaten cake and more cake and then we will eat all the Halloween candy and eat some more when grandma gets here...
I love my boys so much and can't believe that they are so big and are only getting bigger!!They make us laugh.. Chase at church Sunday was playing with my wedding ring and took it off. He put it back on me and said "Will you be my mom" so silly...and Taylor still touches our checks like he did when he was a baby.
I am so grateful to be a mom and even more grateful that I have such fun, cute, sweet, special boys in my live.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Alisa said...

Happy Birthday-
you have such cute boys..
and what a cute picture!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Taylor and Chase!!