Friday, October 19, 2007

this week

Well I feel like I am the most boring person ever. I truly think of things to blog (journal) about. I just need to remember that its not about the reader its about me. I think no one wants to read about the things I've done, but I need to remember this is for ME (and my posterity)

This is what I did this week.....

Monday night Blayne planned FHE. He wanted to teach the kids how to save money and to set aside money for tithing and then some for fun. He bought small canning jars and put labels on them and cut a hole in the top. He brought home his change from work and divided it up between them so they could figure out how much to set aside for each one. Chase had the most money. He had $6.oo and a lot of change. He loves to change the cloths from the washing machine to the dryer because he finds money.. hopefully it was a lesson that they will keep up!

On Tuesday my neighbor came over to give me a Mary Kay facial. OH my....she was her for 2 hours....she is in her 70's and looks great but 2hours. She told me when she was in her teens she liked a boy in Arkansas that was a bishops son, so she started going to our church. I asked if she was ever baptised and she said she only needed to be baptised once. She is quiet a lady. any way that night we had Home Family and Personal Enrichment. Can I just say it is so nice being a spectator and not the one running the show.. It was nice to relax and listen to the Bishop talk about studying the scriptures and how much he loves them. Then we made (I just watched everyone do it and brought mine home) cards that are numbered and each day you have to do one. Then we all had to bring a fall dessert. WOW we had a plethora of choices. so good!!
The boys both had baseball games that night so I had to take the two little ones. What a great night to get to know some new sisters that I haven't talked to and to get my cup filled more.

On Wednesday we had a bad storm roll in. We were in a tornado warning. I am a nut when the weather starts to get funky. I love to watch the news to see whats happening.... The kids were home from school and Blayne came home early. As the clouds started to get dark it began to rain and the wind started to blow hard. Then pea size hail started and of course we all stood by our living room windows, which is a big NO NO.... then this is what came next

Hail the size of Quarters (these had melted) wow the hail was jumping all over. and sounded crazy. After the storm passed I was so disappointed, a let down. I don't ever what to see a tornado but I think the weather men talked up the storm so much that all I could say was "that was it"? It was over in a matter of 30 min. This year we have had more rain then ever recorded..

Then it was scouts ugh...when will I start loving it? We talked about Halloween safety and painted pumpkins.... no real scouting in that but oh well.

The kids are out for Fall break and played with friends all day. Aubrey got to go to Lukes house and play....Ryan was here for the day... and Brennan came over. It kept everyone busy and it was nice....I started a book called Princess Academy by Shannon Hale..

Today the boys are going to a birthday party and I think I will go rent Transformers to watch tonight for our pizza and movie night.....

What a week..I do need to post more often. It would save time...

Have a great weekend..


Meghan said...

I loved hearing all this. It is so interesting to hear about other people, what they are up to, their thoughts on life etc. Keep up the great blog!

Alisa said...

Yea! You are back blogging..

Amber said...

I love the size of your hail! I've only seen it the size of peas, how cool!! Have fun with Transformers! I really enjoyed that film. We took the kids to see it at the theater and when we came out they had an Optimus Prime out front that we had our pictures taken with, I love being a kid!