Wednesday, October 24, 2007

new moment for me

I did not go on a mission and have always lived in Utah so I really never tried to share the gospel with anyone. Then when I moved to OK I felt excited to be able to be a member missionary and bring someone to church. We have brought some of the boys friends to church with us but no one seems interested. Chase and Taylor have been on a Christian home school baseball team and it has been great. We have had some of them ask what church we go to but that's all they ask. So last night Chase had his last game and I don't think we will be on the team next year (because we don't home school) so I went outside my comfort zone. I started inviting everyone to Chase's baptism next Saturday. I made invitations and handed them out. I always looked at the ladies on the team and thought that they would make great members and would love them in Relief Society. I prayed before I left that I would have the courage to be able to hand them out and not chick'n'out.. I did it...I came home and had the best feeling. So we will see next Saturday if anyone comes and even if they don't I know that I did something and maybe down the road they will run into missionaries and think of us and want to know more.


Meghan said...

Kim you are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your experience. Keep us posted.

Amber said...

I didn't get an invitation, so does that mean you only invite non-members?

Kim said...

you know you are welcome to come. I do need a hair cut too.