Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my weekend

Blayne and I watched this movie.
I liked it, it had a lot of action and no sappy stuff.

Then on Saturday Julie and I went to An Affair of the Heart. Seven buildings full of crafters.
Oh how my head was turning!
I forgot my camera, and wanted so bad to take a picture of my THREE dollar diet dr. pepper!
so this is what I bought. It is a iron hook for wreaths. Love it. (picture is from the internet)
I am so excited to find stuff to put on it for every holiday!
I left at 8:45 and did not get home until after 4:00. I have not done that in a loooong time!
I loved it. just getting away for me!

Then that night we watched two movies....

Facing the Giants--- is a little cheesy (oh the sap was running out of this one) but Taylor really liked it! Good message in it!
The game plan was a fun one to watch!

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Meghan said...

The great thing about Facing the Giants is that it is movie you can really sit down and watch with the whole family. There is nothing objectionable in it at all. My mom had us all watch it together for her birthday last year.