Monday, February 18, 2008


Our 3 hours of church has become such a struggle for me. The kids just aren't sitting still and it is hard for me to go. This Sunday started like this...

10:45 walk into chapel
10:50 have the kids get their drinks and bathroom before it starts
10:52 remembering that I left a Valentine treat for someone in the car...
10:53 remembering that I left the activity day reminders at home
10:55 leaving for home to get the reminders
11:05 coming back with reminders and Valentines treat
11:08 Kalab seeing the Valentine treat started screaming for it
11:09 taking Kalab out to foyer with Valentines treats and putting Valentines up high on a shelf
11:20 going back in to chapel
11:30 Kalab playing and reading books
11:37 Aubrey asks to go get tissue for her nose
11:40 Kalab starts throwing a fit and screaming
11:42 get Kalab to stop
11:45 Aubrey wants to go hang up sweater.. I say no
11:46 she starts crying ...Big sobs...
11:48 I pick her up and start to take her out... kicks of one shoe goes under back bench, get
one she throws second shoe, brother Buckley brings it out to us.
11:50 Blayne shows up with Kalab
11:51 make them sit on the gym floor in the corner
11:55 Chase shows up make him go back and sit down
12:00 go back in for last 5 min...
12:05 its over and nursery time for Kalab (that's all he wanted)
12:30 get asked to sub in primary ... two classes ...11 kids
1:15 ish go to class... I don't have any crayons paper or chalk
1:16 make Brother Novotny sit it the class only person in the hall???
1:40 5 of the 11 have to go to the bathroom
1:50 come back to { class with all 11}
2:00 find all parents except one grandpa who was suppose to pick up grandson
2:15 call kids grandpa at home to see if he left him.... yup! (I am not the only one)
2:17 go to get Valentine that I left on shelf...... It's gone someone took it!
2:18 leave with one extra kid (we took him home)

so with all that


Alisa said...

oh i love it...
i laughed all the way through reading this, you know how my sundays are!
and having the treat be taken, I am sorry.
Thanks for helping out in the primary-
whats your topic for sunday... reverence in church? or Why do we attend church as a family?
you guys will do great, want us to help with the kids?

Meghan said...

On Sunday we accidentally sat in back of the grumpy old man in our ward. Sure enough, at one point in the meeting he turned around and just started at us for a minute with a really disgusted look on his face. Then his wife's cell phone went off and we felt guilty no more.

Amber said...

Wow!! I'm stressed out by just reading that!! All we get in sacrament is the typical temper tantrum from Zona, he's starting to change it up by yelling out "Dammit"! He picked that one up from the Scooby Doo movie, sadly that movie is now missing from the house.