Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I have seen this on a few blogs and thought it looked fun, so I thought I would give it a whack.
It stands for She Photographs on Tuesdays. What you do is go to this blog on Fridays and get your assignment, then post on Tuesdays (or whenever). You have to include a portrait of yourself.
This was the assignment for this week.

the other day, i was in my _____________, and i noticed this _______________. my only thought was, "why do i still have this hanging around my house?!?"

So this is mine...... I was in my room getting ready and noticed my bathrobe, I thought why do I still have this hanging around!!!
A lot of my cloths in my closet are from the 90's. seriously!
Why do I still have this hanging around my house?
The answer is....to make my closet look full!

on a different note.... I voted..... and also went to city hall to pay my bill. While I was there the kids got to go in and see the fire trucks. they gave them a goody bag full on stuff..... they wanted to know where their dog was. Kalab calls his hat "fire house dog".


Alisa said...

YEA you did it! I loved your picture!

Yolanda said...

How appropriate--a red cardigan--for voting, as well as the firehouse!!!

lelly said...

thanks for linking to spt!! hope you will join us for many more.

cute photo- we didn't get a chance to vote in NC yesterday... i think we don't vote until late spring.