Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have been loving my Saturdays...

this week I called Alisa and told her I was taking her with me to a bunch of craft stores I have been wanting to go to ....... Ok so I asked her not TOLD her.... I sound so mean.

Anyway I picked her up and went to an amazing little shop just down the road. It is definitely a store I will be going back to.

then off to a craft mall. I had so much fun wandering around.

It always makes my head hurt afterwords but well worth it.

for lunch we ate GIRL SCOUT COOKIES how fun is that!

I need to plan this Saturday morning me time more often.

I went home and finished my talk and I think that it when well today. Blayne did a great job. And I am glad that the youth speaker (who was probably in her 20's) took more time than 3 minutes! I'm just glad it's done. We sat up front and that went pretty well. Kalab did not have to be taken out. He only threw 1 of his animal crackers. He had all two rows behind us laughing at him. One thing about sitting in the first two or three rows is that everybody sees what happens. At least in the back only a few people see how my kids are!

I have had a lot on my mind and I hope that my ideas will work....... not revealing anything yet. I just hope it works!

OH it is suppose to be nice tomorrow....anyone up for the zoo?


Alisa said...

I heard from more than 1 person your talks were great...both of you.

yesterday was so good...I needed it after my week of sick kids, and I think I needed it to prepare for the week ahead! It was good to have the mental break, and the cookies were yum. Thanks, for asking...lets do it again.
and you can tell me to go anytime!

Amber said...

I'd LOVE to go to the Zoo! OKC Zoo is one of the last zoo's that still sell wax animals!!

Keely Kellett said...

Chris and I were asked to speak on Easter Sunday. I get stressed out for talks. I tend to talk way too fast. Sounds like you did great! I (like you) am glad when stuff like that is over with.