Monday, September 10, 2007


Our kids have been back in school for almost a month now and I am loving it.... Aubrey is in Pre-K with Miss May and Mrs. Rice...She came home today and said she has 2 best friends, and loves to play outside. I thought it was going to be hard getting her up and going in the morning but it is me that has the problem! Taylor and Chase are liking it too. Chase now has Mrs. Sanderson after a little class rearranging. He is happy because Ami is now in his class. He has a little crush on her.. her name is all over his room in black marker.... Taylor has Miss Strach and is taking violin . But oh how do you get kids to like or just do their homework?

Here are some pictures of the 1st day!!!

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Alisa said...

love the colors of your blog!
way to go on your blogging venture!
it will be fun to check it out and see what you write!
(and it did link to my blog!)