Wednesday, September 19, 2007

state fair food

I wanted to try something unique and something I could only see at the OK state fair. After searching up and down the food court I found my lunch.

You have probably heard of deep fried Oreos or deep fried Twinkies or maybe even deep fried pies but have you ever heard of this???

i think that they tasted a lot like french fries that had been mushed up then dipped in a onion ring batter with a little ranch dipping sauce on the side...all in all they weren't to bad. I couldn't eat it all because it left so much grease in my mouth. we had a lot of fun and it was exciting to get to try some new food.


Alisa said...

mmmm anything tastes good at the fair! I don't know if we are going this funnel cakes, roasted corn, corn dogs, gyros, chicken legs...
I sound a little like Timpleton from Charlotte"s Web!

meghan said...

Oh I wish I could go to the fair. I would get the frozen lemonade and a funnel cake and then watch the pigs race. And we would not leave until we see a demo of the Little Giant Ladder system. I hope to own one of these someday.

Yolanda said...

Ummm...HELLO former favorite neighbor, YW advisor, friend across the street...?

I recognized Ella and Kyson's pics in your Halloween slideshow...Do you know who I am yet?

You've commented on Amy's and Kacy's blog...I was JEALOUS!!

Amber said...

Kim, I made it to the Idaho State Fair and they didn't have anything even close to this!! But I can tell you that the biggest importer for the state of Idaho is Canada.